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Stepping across Taffeta bridge, you find yourself in the bustling streets of Silkshore. Distant, high-tempo clarinet music hangs faintly on the perfumed breeze. At the canalside, a crew of well-dressed gangsters from Crow’s Foot step off a gondola, already twitchy with the night’s first bloodneedle hit. An open barouche from Brightstone rattles past; the young nobles inside clutch their furs closed against the cold fog, but their eyes are wide with anticipation. An omnibus comes to a halt at the end of the bridge and spills out a throng of students from Charterhall, already drunk and boisterous.

The signs above the door of each venue spell out their names in fizzing electroplasmic colour: Cabaret Circumstance, Mother Lode, Slane’s Cafe; each one a promise of the debauchery and vice that lies inside. Every night, people come from all over the city to taste Silkshore’s diverse pleasures. For you, though, this is business. But… why shouldn’t those two things mix?

Silkshore: District of Debauchery is an unofficial, fan-made district guide for the game Blades in the Dark by John Harper.

It contains:

  • A generator table to create nightclubs, taverns, brothels, and other entertainment venues
  • A table of suggested scores for crews operating in the Silkshore underworld
  • Veteran special abilities to help scoundrels move more easily in the cabarets, clubs, and parties of Silkshore society
CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsblades-in-the-dark, doskvol, Generator, nightclubs


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