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an absolutely stellar game! i can't remember the last time my table and i have laughed so hard. we ended up weaving a tale of love, lust and the many services provided by a divorce lawyer to the stars. 10/10 would recommend! 

Amazing! Glad you enjoyed it!

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So! Some friends and I did a playthrough of The Beautiful & Damned on our podcast! Went so freaking well. Story was so fun. We used secret-creation tables from my hack and built rules for NPC interaction during play. Check it out below:

Oh, this is amazing. Mind if I share this around?

Not at all! It was so much fun. Thanks for making this game

Hello, I made a hack of this game that's currently located here. It's currently unlisted. With your permission, I'd love to make it public. Tell me what you think. Thanks.

Yeah, please feel free! Glad you liked my idea! Good layout, and the name of the game itself also very funny.

Hey thanks so much!